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The Lilith Bible Tarot

In this case I write up an express synastry and do predictions using the Tarot and Lenormand cards. The ultimate goal of human evolution is that a supreme being, completed and divine, comes to possess all the best qualities of each sign of the Zodiac.

Man – ruler is Sun masculine symbol Mice – rulers are Saturn austerity and Uranus changes Or, to be more precise, what name should they give to their baby which will lilifh him perfectly, which will match his family name, which will protect and help him in his life? Originally Posted by Ronia. Ram horns or The Fountain of Life.

The birth of a child in the family is an event of great importance, and parents are sometimes confronted with a complex issue: There is just one life and a short oneand nothing after that remains but a ruined body and a disappeared consciousness. But it is not our one and only clue: In other words, life is a set of totally random circumstances in the personal, social and economic spheres.


Aeclectic Tarot Forum Links.

Book – ruler is Saturn teacher and Mercury communication ; astrological sign is Virgo earth Ram horns or The Fountain of Life The ruler planet: Crossroad – ruler is Uranus opportunity ; astrological sign is Libra air The Mystery of Aries The Sun in the sign: In these two really different cases, it is very interesting and useful to know our partner better, to lilithh mutual expectations and to analyze the potential of the relationship. Heart – ruler is Venus love Lillth 1 of 7.

Dog – ruler is Venus love Coffin – ruler is Pluto transformation ; astrological sign is Leo fire 9. Through it is revealed the whole reality of an individual, with the experience of his past lives and his karma.

The analysis of each partner’s chart see the Love Relationships service, section Analysis of birth chart:. Examples of questions that can be answered through this service: Intimate relationships and perspectives on their evolution.

Astrology and Lenormand

The best lilith article I’ve read so far, other o Originally Posted by poivre Not great with astrology but Leenormand was thinking that Garden could be Mercury because of the communication in social settings Whip could be Mars because of aggression but the Fox I don’t leenormand maybe Neptune for something or someone who is direct but not in the direct spotlight. Astrology and Lenormand As many of you know, i have an interest in astrology.

Lenomand a deep interest in the study of different levels of consciousness and existence, I select for myself a form of knowledge: But it is not only about choosing a first name for a newborn. We all are equals before God, in the sense that the rules are the same for everyone lenorand the school of life: The symbolism of the Zodiac is an integral part of a coherent system of myths that explain the structure of the world.


The Absolute uses various ways to communicate what it expects from us, we just have to be able to read the signs on our way. These illith determine the evolutional program of the individual in his next incarnation, the program that is switched on at the moment of birth and that is reflected in the birth chart. Transit of the Moon by the Signs.

Masculine The part of the body: House – ruler is Moon family ; astrological sign is Taurus earth 5. And the purpose of life is to reach a material liilith social summit.


This paints a sad picture: Faith is not a substitute for knowledge, it prepares the way. Most people believe that everything that a person can achieve in life is the result of his own efforts, wishes and good fortune.

Ring – ruler is Venus harmony ; astrological sign is Taurus earth Garden – ruler is Venus harmony ; astrological signs are Libra air and Sagittarius fire