Places literary theory and criticism in historical perspective– from Plato to Stephen Charles E. Bressler. Prentice Hall, – Literary Criticism – pages. Charles E. Bressler. · Rating details · ratings · 53 reviews. The fourth edition of the bestselling Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice . “The second edition of Literary Criticism by Charles E. Bressler is designed to help readers make conscious, informed, and intelligent choices concerning literary.

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This is all supposed to dismantle previously held ideas and to ultimately allow the meaning of the text to be undecideable. Historical Development, Assumptions, and Methodology. I hope theory is one of them.

Literary criticism: an introduction to theory and practice – Charles E. Bressler – Google Books

At some point, many of the theories become square-peg, round-hole issues and it becomes an issue of reader-intentionality on the text. Contains the most recent sources, essays, and books concerning literary theory and criticism and specific Web site addresses.

New Historicism brings historical context to the foreground, and literaary redefines history. Good introduction for any English Major Undergrad. Structuralism more on that later is a type of reader-response criticism in that the reader brings certain codes ways of understanding to the text, and interprets the text via those codes.


But man, did I just do my own thing. I breszler when I learned theory as an undergrad, and the portrait that always emerged from reading chapters and intros was always greatly supplemented by what I learned in class– in other words, it’s not only Bressler who suffers this fate of giving what feel like partial and occasionally misleading intros to the schools of theory.

Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Now I have to try to apply his crappy ideas to a story about war. Even for a stupid undergraduate who knows nothing of the subject, it gets boring frequently. Bressler is designed to help readers make conscious, informed, and intelligent choices concerning literary interpretation.

Objects exist if and only if we register them in our consciousness concretization. Ferdinand de Saussure, founder of modern linguistics. Contents Criticism Theory and Literature. Or maybe I am just jealous of him because I don’t have a penis.

Bressler No preview available – So I picked up a book that looked like a basic, simple introduction to the dominant schools of literary criticism. Text, History, and Interpretation.

Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice (A Second Printing), 5th Edition

An Introduction to Theory and Practice 2nd ed. Sep 07, lulzcannon rated it really liked it Recommends it for: What a cool idea, to apply linguistics to literature! Other editions – View all Literary Criticism: The Jungian critic will examine a text to find various archetypes.


Dessert would be Deconstruction. Tvetan Todorov and Gerard Genette. Feminism was fairly straightforward, and a very necessary school, although not one that particularly excites me. Historical Development and Assumptions. I close read over and over, and got no complaints. An Introduction to Theory and Practice showcases various schools of 20th century criticism in historical and philosophical contexts. It’s the old argument that “sometimes a cigar is just loterary cigar.

A Model of Interpretation. The problem with this text is twofold, if a problem at all and not merely a petty complaint on my part: The examples are very easy to understand. I used it as a guide along with Barry’s Beginning Theory. Detailed page glossary —Provides definitions for all the major and most minor terms associated with the various schools of criticism that appear in bold throughout the text.

Eavesdropping on a Literature Classroom. I would highly suggest this book to any serious literary scholars! If this does not interest you, skip down to where I begin criticiwm opine about all this. The Structure of Language. Geographical Strains of Feminism. Bressler, Indiana Wesleyan University.