Published at the tail end of the Golden Age, ‘s The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth was one of my favorite modules for a long time. Even today. S4: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (1e) – In the Yatil Mountains south of Perrenland there is rumored to be a magical hoard of unsurpassed. In , TSR published the module named “The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth” with the module code “S4”. It was written by Gary Gygax, and.

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Review of S4: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Paperback64 pages. The first thing we notice when we look at the key for the lesser caverns is that the map which is also counter-intuitively on the right side of the printed cover, even though it comes before the greater caverns to its left as printed is apparently not complete. I suppose the real draw of The Lost Caverns was its page monsters and magic items supplement.

Another Pirate treasure game for Christmas. Next, the player characters reach the caverns. The caverns were a little too easy to find.

Looking at Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, Part Two – Greyhawk Grognard

Conan Chronicles 2 – The Zamorian Chronicles. Definitely recommend, TOP 20 for sure. I guess I was supposed to die. Recent investigations have revealed the general location of her hidden lair, and parties from Ket, Perrenland and Iuz have been sent to discover the lair; the party is assumed to be sponsored by the Margrave of Bissel, who is worried about the fate of his realm if the other powers got there first.

If you tsojcnth a complex clue trail and the like I’d suggest Call of Cthulhu. Definetely a good Nwn module The latter would be wasted on a hack and tsojcantn group but it could still be a lot of fun. None of this would be comforting to the powers of good if they knew about it, but a lozt DM could have all sorts of fun with this….

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I understand what the author was trying to do. It is divided into two parts, a page adventure, and tsojcantu page booklet of monsters and magic items. It also had a great underground cavern system.

Caverhs Preview See a Problem? Likewise, while I don’t generally mind ” more stuff ,” S4 feels a bit like an extended advertisement for upcoming products, notably Monster Manual II. Consequently, the caverns are home to all manner of strange beasts, many of them former servants or slaves of Iggwilv, now free to pursue their own agendas.

The Cave of Songs. Retrieved June 22, No, what drives me crazy to this day are all the hints of story and history that peek through tspjcanth encounter numbers.

I’ll admit that I loved most of the new material introduced here, particularly the expanded menagerie of demons and demon lords, as they were frequent antagonists in my old campaigns. The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth was anything but disposable. This module could easily be a 10 with a little bit of love. Faverns picture of Drenzula, Iggwilv’s daughter, caught my attention right away. If Cavwrns could get around the minimap issue I would definitely play it again.

That said, I do like your theory about Iggwilv using the Caverns as a lair where she could impress visitors both from surrounding human lands like Ket, and tsojcanht also visitors from other planes of existence. I was obsessed with using only official material, so when something official cavsrns is, from TSR seemed to contradict other such, it was both exciting and confounding.


What a deep analysis! Neither are there any magical laboratories, libraries, alchemical labs, conjuring rooms, or anything normally associated with powerful spellcasters.

Refresh and try again. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Even today, looking back on it, I retain a great deal of fondness for module S4, in part because I played it so often.

Like many late Gygax works, you can see a definite change in both the presentation and content. Gygax is generally acknowledged as one of the fathers of the tabletop role-playing game.

My group didn’t see that one coming. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Those spells are very similar to what you’d find in a Call of Cthulhu game.

It is certain that Iggwilv ruled her domain from these caverns, where she also conducted arcane experiments and rituals, trying to further increase her powers.

There she also conducted arcane experiments and rituals, trying to further increase her powers. Curse of the Wailing Death Prelude. The mysterious topaz lens. S4 – The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

He hath tempered our flesh to the rigour of his abode, and hath made respirable for us the air in which no mortal man may draw breath.

It also has a loosely connected sequel: Oct 22, Marc rated it really liked it. Retrieved from ” lowt B to B plus. I’ve run this several times, and it’s just loads of fun. When the Lanthorn is found, it will have the following lenses with it: ByTSR was changing and the purpose of adventure modules along with it, as we’d see more fully in the watershed year of S4 is also one of my favorites.