The Lyran Commonwealth was founded in through the merger of three. House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth) provides an overview of the history. The Lyran Alliance Armed Forces, also known by the unfortunate acronym of LAAF, is the military arm of the Lyran Alliance. Formed from Armed Forces of the .

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Archon Viola inherited the throne from her mother Tracial just in time to sign the Star League Accords and bring her nation into the new alliance. Inner Sphere Medium ‘Mechs. You can help MechWarrior Online Wiki by expanding it.

Lyran Commonwealth – BattleTechWiki

Below are just a few of the iconic units that have defended the Alliance from its enemies for centuries. Katrina never remarried after the death of her beloved husband in and, tired of war and suffering from cancer, she retired just before the conflict with the Draconis Combine to spend time with her grandchildren. Wealth is the greatest strength of the merchant princes of the Lyran Commonwealth, ruled by House Steiner. Substituting a double for Joshua.

Inafter Katherine Steiner-Davion was deposed, her brother Peter took up the post of Archon, and renamed the nation as the Lyran Commonwealth as a way to divorce the nation from the more totalitarian rule enforced under the deposed Archon-Princess’ rule.

Lyran Alliance Armed Forces

To support its policies and goals, the Lyran Alliance relies on a network of corporations to manufacture everything from consumer goods to computer equipment to military hardware. During the long history of House Steiner many interesting and unique individuals have made the Lyran Alliance what it is today. The Twentieth Arcturan was heavily involved in the offensive that finally liberated Tharkad. This article is a stub. Viola died in the field on the Republic capital world of Apollo, exposing herself to the same risks she asked of every one of her soldiers.

In the wake of that conflict, the battered Alliance hoped to reclaim its lost glories under a new Archon, only to see the start of the Word of Blake Jihad firsthand with a surprise assault on their own capital world of Tharkad. Un-covered communications to 8th Arcturan Guards on Here instructs commander to investigate pirate activity drop.

Indeed, the Lyran solution to most problems is typically negotiation, barter, or covert action—but with their resources and wealth, the armies of House Steiner can often field heavier and more numerous forces than their enemies, producing a virtual wall of steel against an enemy advance. Work, trade and profit are the central concerns of most Lyrans, who have grown accustomed to high standards of living.


The Donegal Guards, like no other arm of the Steiner military, stand for loyalty to the Archon. Each House and faction has unique industrial aspects which results in some having greater access to different equipment than others.

Faced with this dilemma, Victor Steiner-Davion made a fateful error in judgment.

Despite a number of humiliating defeats in the first two Succession Wars, the Lyran Commonwealth has bounced back thanks to the combined strength of its economy the biggest of the five great Successor States and its control of the Inner Sphere’s largest functioning BattleMech factories. The Jihad began before they were able to finish rebuilding efforts, and the Donegal Guards found themselves in the middle of war again.

Since that time, they have guarded the world in anticipation of further attacks by the Word. The original capital of the Lyran Commonwealth was Arcturus, but the throne was transferred to Tharkad inwhere it has remained ever since.

Lyran Alliance – Camospecs

Unfortunately for the Alliance, the Lyyran have seen more battles than they could take. This is an archive of all the Lyran Commonwealth News Broadcasts. Attacks on Hesperus II have damaged parts of the massive complex of factories there, even shutting down entire lines, but never has it been under enemy control. With the imminent graduation of Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion, rumors circle concerning his posting. Once the war began, she took direct command of her troops and personally led them against Lyraj Worlds Republic forces.

Settled and dominated by predominantly Germanic and Scottish cultures, and ruled by the Steiner family through a combination of political intrigue and brute economic force, the Lyran state is united in the pursuit of status and wealth. Primed by anti-Victor rumors and the upheaval of recent years, most Lyran citizens welcomed the break.

Guns blazing, they alliahce the remainders of the Triad and obliterated any and all Blakist units that got in their way. The recent occupation of Lyran planets by foreign armies has impacted their sales somewhat, as has cutting off certain markets, but Nashan has managed to ride out the troubled times better than most other companies.

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Retrieved from ” http: The Lyran Commonwealth was ruled for most of its history by House Steiner. Along with that neutrality came a declaration of secession; henceforth, Lyran territory would no longer be part of the FedCom, but would instead be known as the independent Lyran Alliance. When the Fiftieth Shadow retreated, the Twentieth were all but wiped out, with more than seventy-five percent losses in equipment and more than half of the men dead.

Though she had enjoyed a promising career in the LCAF, Viola found herself initially opposed to war on the Periphery States, only gradually coming around to lygan the benefits of the conflict. Spearheading the liberation of Tharkad were the Third Lyran Guards. The Lyran Alliance is a fictional state in the BattleTech universe.

From MechWarrior Online Wiki mechwarrior online, mwo, mech game, mwo alilance, mech online. She died peacefully in her sleep a year later, one of the most beloved Archons to ever reign over the Lyran people. Inner Sphere Heavy ‘Mechs. The Lyran Commonwealth has never been regarded as a military power, but it remains a political and economic force to be reckoned with.

The Lyran Guards are the heart of the Steiner military. With a multitude of divisions, this al,iance has their fingers in almost every industry.

His death came at a delicate time, with the Clans chafing at the fifteen-year Truce of Tukayyid and the treaty itself set to expire a mere decade.

Retrieved from ” https: Isis Marik’s engagement to Sun-Tzu Liao, Chancellor of the Alliamce Confederation, raised the specter of the ambitious Capellan leader controlling the League’s army and industrial production. As a result of this war, her economically powerful realm became joined to the military might of the Davions and the Federated Commonwealth reshaped the map.

The Lyrans tend to be defensive and have good access to heavier ‘ Mechsin particular assaults. The campaign ended in only four days, and the Guards took minor casualties. Views View Edit Edit source History.

Melissa gave birth to five children who would grow up to have major impact on the Inner Sphere: The Lytan Commonwealth was a fictional interstellar state within the fictional BattleTech universe.