Book review of Maeda’s Tsumego Volume 1, by the Nottingham Go Club. The book is suitable for players from kyu to 4-kyu. problems. MAEDA Newly Selected Tsumego Problems for k, , download here. MAEDA The God of Tsumego VOL.1, , (member only). I’m thinking of asking my better half for Maeda’s 3 volume tsumego from amazon. for my birthday (the reprinted all-in-one edition). I would.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fortunately these books were reprinted in and sold as a set. Sat Sep 06, 2: He was willing but couldn’t face doing that as a 2-kyu so he put in a bit of effort so that he could get a 1-dan diploma he could brag about to his country cousins.

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Tsumego Dojo – free download tsumego SGF collection for go/baduk/weiqi community

You don’t see it when it stands in your bookshelf, and now I don’t have to spend minutes trying to get those books out. I would find it really helpful if anyone who has the book would mind taking a pic of a page or two so that I can get an idea about how much Japanese is in the book as I can’t read itand maybe a problem from volume 1 and a problem from volume 2 or 3 so I can get an idea about difficulty level.

Since diplomas are bought as much as earned, it is easy to see how deflation at around the 1-dan level, which is also the level that westerners tend to take most notice of others’ grades, becomes rampant.


I bought the pocket life and death book that was published by Slate and Shell before they stopped selling books. Players Ranks and ratings Professionals Organizations Competitions.

Maeda Tsumego

Each problem has a hint, in Japanese, such as “Use White’s single stone to spoil Black’s eye shape”, or “Use two White stones as a sacrifice”. The lower quality reprint is out of print. Maeda Nobuaki is considered one of the most well-known tsumego composers in Japan.

Maeda was considered a master tsumego composer and these three volumes are true classics. The original set has been long out of print and difficult to obtain. From 2k, I played as a 2d and went Maeda Tsumego old edition Author: Please be well aware that — a lot of problems has a Ko as the correct solution, and — the above mentioned ranks have to be understood at least at Western level, which may result in a feeling that the problems are far more difficult than “usual”, compared with other problems, owning the same declared target-rank, from other authors.

Ko is sometimes a solution. Volume One for 5kyu to 2kyu; Volume Two for 3kyu to 1dan, and Volume Three for 2dan to 3dan, or something around that. I agree that at the time Maeda wrote these books Japanese amateur ranks were significantly stronger madda Western ranks.

I believe therefore that a truer picture is that for grades below about 2-kyu and above 3-dan, Japanese grades are about the same mafda western grades, but within that range it’s hard to pin the mawda on the donkey. So in a few decades Japanese amateur ranks had inflated by at least 3 stones, and that was over 4 decades ago. That appears to be the 3 volume lower quality reprint mentioned from: Maeda’s tsumego are very inventive, they always have a nice twist.


The original price was 4. There is less distraction from thinking on your own!!!

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sun Sep 07, 8: You couldn’t ask for a better birthday present, in my humble opinion. Views Read Edit View history. At some point, doesn’t thinking have to go on? At the opposite extreme I’m not sure how much the famous old sandbagger syndrome of the Hiroshima 4-dan still applies – even pros tell of being tsumsgo on the islands there – but I suspect the tradition lives on and can probably be found also in pockets such as Shizuoka or Sapporo.

I’ve just had the books ordered so I’ll let you know if the books survive their journey only to be destroyed during extraction from the cardboard box. Sun Sep 07, 3: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Tsumego Collection (SGF)

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. The box is horribly tight, so much so in fact that the hardest problem from this series is actually getting the books out of there without ruining them. As can be seen by the problems below, the level is maeea high.

When the books came out, Japanese ranks were at least 2 stones stronger than today. You mean, much stronger than ours? Wed Sep 10, 7: I would like to order these, but it’s hard to tell if I have the right page.