Latin term or phrase: mane nobiscum domine A.M.D.G.. English translation: Stay/ Remain with us O Lord for the utmost gloria of God. Entered by. Mane nobiscum Domine IntraText: full text, concordances and frequency lists. INTRODUCTION. “Stay with us, Lord,” (Mane nobiscum, Domine) they pleaded. Although Jesus would disappear from the sight of the two disciples at Emmaus.

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A scenario emerged which, despite certain positive elements, is marred by acts of violence and bloodshed which cause continued concern. Click on one of these icons to log in:.

The Pope shows that this “return to the contemplation of Christ’s vomine has been a constant element of these past years, from before the Jubilee, up to his latest encyclical on the Eucharist. In this regard, liturgical law recalls—and I myself have recently reaffirmed 15 —the importance of moments of silence both in the celebration of Mass and in Eucharistic adoration.

To you, dear Brother BishopsI commend this Year, confident that you will welcome my invitation with full apostolic zeal.

Translation of “Mane Nobiscum Domine” in French

April 13, at 5: The Eucharist is not merely an expression of communion in domne Church’s life; it is also a project of solidarity for all of humanity. Subsequently, with the proclamation of the Year of the Rosary and the publication of the Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis MariaeI returned to the theme of contemplating the face of Christ, now from a Marian perspectiveby encouraging once more the recitation of the Rosary.

The Pope asks that all Christians rediscover the Eucharist in everyday life, without doing anything out of the ordinary no. Term search All of ProZ.

The preparation dominw the great event was fully Trinitarian and Christocentric. And he himself constantly builds it up by his Eucharistic presence. They spoke for the pilgrim Church, for the Church hungry and thirsty as she makes her way through history.


The property belonged, from manw early 15th century, to the Preston family, premier Viscounts of Ireland and Lords of Gormanston. There is room here for any number of initiatives, according to the judgement of the Pastors of the particular Churches. It is Christ himself who speaks when the Holy Scriptures are read in the Church.

mane nobiscum domine A.M.D.G. | Latin to English |

Even so, in inviting the Church to celebrate the Jubilee of the two-thousandth anniversary of the Incarnation, I was convinced—and I still am, more than ever! Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. At that time I urged everyone to rediscover the celebration of the Eucharist as the heart nobisvum Sunday.

Post Your ideas for ProZ. I would like the young people to gather around the Eucharist as the vital source which nourishes their faith and enthusiasm. May we be helped above all by the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose whole life incarnated the meaning of the Eucharist. Amid our questions and difficulties, and even our bitter disappointments, the divine Wayfarer continues to walk at our side, opening to us the Scriptures and leading us to a deeper understanding of the mysteries of God.

I would be happy if everyone would reflect once more on my words in the Apostolic Letter Dies Domini. We should not be afraid to speak about God and to bear proud witness to our faith.

mane nobiscum domine A.M.D.G.

One passage is definitely tied to the question of the “Christian roots of Europe”: Rather, it can shed light upon those programmes, anchoring them, so to speak, in the very Mystery which nourishes the spiritual life of the faithful and the initiatives of each local Church.

In the Eucharist our God has shown love in the extreme, overturning all those criteria of power which too often govern human relations and radically affirming the criterion of service: That the fire may burn brightly within, pray ceaselessly: During your time in the seminary make every effort to experience the beauty not only of taking part daily in Holy Mass, but also of spending a certain amount nobiscuk time in dialogue with the Eucharistic Lord.


The Eucharist, sign of the real presence of Jesus, wins over “dark shadows of blood” cast by terrorism and laicism, enemy of humanity. What does this mean, and what are its implications for Christian life and spirituality? This “great nobiiscum of peace”, a place for educating political and cultural figures, helps Christians to face “the spectre of terrorism and the tragedy of war”, but also encourages commitment to “brotherly activity” toward “the numerous forms of poverty in our world” no.

It would seem that the Pope, in these lines, makes reference to the controversies regarding crucifixes in public places, religious symbols banned from French schools, accusations of proselytism in missionary countries, and the elimination of references to God in many American institutions.

Mane nobiscum Domine (October 7, ) | John Paul II

Rohingya at risk of Islamic radicalisation. The way of solidarity Personal tone In his Letter, the Pope speaks of the Eucharist with a profoundly personal tone: In nobisum Year of the Eucharist Christians ought to be committed to bearing more forceful witness to God’s presence in the world.

Content on this site is made available for personal, non-commercial use only. Automatic update in In this Year of grace, sustained by Mary, may the Church discover new enthusiasm for her mission and come to acknowledge ever more fully that the Eucharist is the source and summit of her entire life. The account of the Risen Jesus appearing to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus helps us to focus on a primary aspect of the Eucharistic mystery, one which should always be present in the devotion of the People of God: