Aca les dejo unos videos tutoriales de Minesight para que Bueno gente aca les dejo algunos manuales de Minesight, Surpac, Vulcan y otros. Map3D User’s Manual. Map3D International Ltd Publisher. Map3D Intenrational Ltd. Email: [email protected] Web: Tel: 1 . English; Español (Colombia). . Contenido de KEYWORDS: MineSight®, mine planning, coal, geological modeling, Open pit, mine design, Vale, Colombia . Manual de evaluación técnico-económica de proyectos mineros de inversión. pp.

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The software is currently used by over ds, universities, consultants and research organisations throughout the world. This figure shows the solids of the coal seams together with the surface’s topography. Optimise ventilation to reduce cost. Multiple Ventilation Scenarios – can be run quickly and easily providing significant time savings.

Publicado por Hardy Sahuanay en 7: Received for review April 30 th, accepted August 3 th, final version August, 14 th Sign up using Email and Password. Bueno gente aca les dejo algunos manuales de Minesight, Surpac, Vulcan y otros. To export from minesight, just right click on the linear feature material in minesight and select appropriate export filter.

Visor Manuao – for continuity analysis and modelling.


It was defined that the phase would span one year of mining. Additionally, espao, program uses production requirements to calculate the project’s lifespan. It is here that the topographic coding took place Figure 7.

After this, operational pits were designed using the Pit Expansion tool to optimally exploit the site and mznual economic balance throughout the project whilst retaining the geotechnical parameters of the company’s geology department.


Teniendo ya un poco de tiempo libre espol links y estare respondiendo los e-mail ke son un monton. Upon finishing the creation of the solids for the seams, we switched from the GMS Grid seam model to the 3DBM 3D block model and started generating economic envelopes using the EP Economic planner tool.

Con el compromiso de seguir mejorando y de regreso seguir con los posts, bueno mi ausencia se debio al arduo trabajo que tenia a mminesight y no me dejaba ni respirar. Likewise, the MSOPIT and MSVALP tools were used to present the economic envelopes along with some information requested by the company, namely the production requirements per phase and the economic pit limit found by the analysis.

Paul Can you let me know how can I attach the file for you. Rapid analysis and spatial continuity modelling with new Visor V7.


These polygons had the true thickness of the seam along with its slope across the section [7]. In the context of mine planning, the search for a suitable mineral extraction methodology that is more profitable for the mining business has led to the development of practical methodologies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. DYNA, year 78, Nro. Ventsim was the first ventilation package to integrate an easy to use Windows graphical design with manua 3D graphics interface.

Figure 2 shows the final exploitation plan for the El Hatillo mine for It is possible to import the attribute information also along with Block models. So by any chance is there an option to export as shapefiles?


geomin – Minesight

The Supervisor suite includes three integrated application modules: Finally, operational pits were designed using the Pit Expansion tool in order to optimally exploit the site and facilitate economic balance throughout the project. Publicado por Hardy Sahuanay en 5: Yes you are espaok its MineSight by Mintec. The study of the theoretical case yielded the following results: The Single License is purchased for use on any computer while the Network License is offered as an annual subscription.

Aca les dejo unos videos tutoriales de Minesight para que practiquen y se vuelvan unos tigres con este programa.

The production required for each mining phase istons of coal, and each phase will have an approximate size of 4, tons. To perform this analysis, we first established the project’s configuration, i. It also shows the fault crossing the seams and how it has displaced them. The design and planning for the Las Cuevas mine is expected to be carried out in Our software is compatible with all Windows operating systems and runs using a simple hardlock that attaches to your computer.

A theoretical case study was created to illustrate the procedure that will be followed to model and design Vale Coal’s Las Cuevas mine. Researcher at the Espaoo Planning Research Group.

I was working with such exported files quite a while, it works.