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The Mining Canon, a constitutional right, has been partly used to foster applied scientific research in public universities PU. This has prompted research studies on biosafety aspects of extraction protocols; however, as yet, no consensus has been reached regarding risks associated with the process. Baseline characteristics were the following: This study documents the feasibility of recruiting, randomizing, and obtaining both baseline dietary and breast health data on this unique and underserved population.

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Indicators varied significantly within and between countries. Health indicators varied greatly between geographic segments.

Mixed models are used to estimate the effect of MSD by comparing cardiovascular risk, as measured by the Framingham Risk Score, between the trial arms. Process evaluation measures were obtained from participant interviews and promotora notes and included fidelity, dose delivered i.

Research is lacking regarding potential strategies to improve readiness to address obesity-related health issues in underserved communities. At school level, food service providers were considered essential to comply with certain commitments.

Manual de primeros auxilios y autocuidado – Cruz Roja Colombiana – Google Books

Of the 36 CFIR constructs, 11 were directly related to the level of implementation performance: CHWs also discuss their own personal and professional development. Psychosocial risk factors measured included depressive symptoms and perceived social support.


Diet recalls, detailed interviews, fasting blood, and anthropometric measures were collected at baseline, 3, 6, and 12 months. For each of the eight participating countries, health targets were set to measure the progress of improvements in maternal and child health produced by the Initiative. The hepatopulmonary syndrome HPS and portopulmonary hypertension PPHN are distinct pulmonary vascular complications of portal hypertension PHT and are associated with increased morbidity and mortality.

These studies address knowledge gaps in tropical water resources to aid hydrological model development and validation.

Availability of contraceptives also varied. Thus, the validity of the Pro Publica Surgeon Scorecard is questionable. The government of Mexico, in an effort to address these disparities and improve the quality of life of citizens living abroad, has partnered primros governmental and non-governmental health-care organizations in the U. Unfortunately, scarce research data on Latinos hinders the development and implementation of evidence-based, culturally appropriate childhood obesity interventions.

salud ihan iniciativa: Topics by

Findings of this community outreach initiative include data from promotora pledges and self-skill behaviors, cardiovascular disease risk factors of Latino families, family heart-health education delivery, and program costs associated with promotora time. Independently owned restaurants participating in the Salud Tiene Sabor program at ethnic foods marketplace Mercado La Paloma in South Los Angeles are responding to the childhood obesity crisis by posting calories autocuidao menu items and providing nutrition information to patrons.

To assess the effects of a physical exercise xolombiana on the lipid profile, weight status and the cardiovascular health of obese candidates for bariatric surgery.

An agency-community partnership, under the leadership of the Community Alliance for Heart Health, guided all stages of the community intervention project. This project addressed this gap by developing 4 transferable training modules on environmental health. In children with roj hypertension, pulmonary vascular complications are rare.


For both conditions, print materials were delivered by mail. We used systematic coding and display procedures informed by Grounded Theory to analyze the data. In this study, rural populations served by tele-CFs were selected as the intervention group while the control group was composed of the rural population served by CFs without Information and Communication Technology ICT tools.

The prevalence of overweight and obesity in children has risen nationally in recent decades, and is exceptionally high in low-income communities of color such as South Los Angeles CA. Following the Community Readiness Model protocol http: Prescribe Healthy Life PVS from the Spanish “Prescribe Vida Saludable is focused on designing, planning, implementing and evaluating innovative programs to promote multiple healthy habits, feasible to be performed in routine primary health care conditions.

Delegates focused on the targets presented in the World Health Organization End TB Strategy for and elaborated on four primary themes: InMexico’s Seguro Popular de Salud SPSwas launched as an innovative financial mechanism implemented to channel new funds to provide health insurance to 50 million Mexicans and to reduce systemic financial inequities.

By applying a series of surveys, interviews, and trainings, we evaluated their relevance.